Solarisis Biography

Solarisis' musical style is very difficult to classify. With death metal as a departure point, elements of thrash, doom, black and heavy metal are combined into one coherent trend-free style. Instead of trying to break the speed record like many of their contemporaries, Solarisis songs have a head, a tail and a distinct identity. Every recording sounds significantly different from its predecessor, yet the melodic and progressive trademarks of the Solarisis style remain.

Solarisis was formed in October 1995 in Enschede, The Netherlands by Gijs van Ouwerkerk. For the next four years it was strictly a one man band, with Gijs being solely responsible for writing and performing on the demo tapes Ecliptica (March 1996) and Illumination (October 1996) as well as the band's debut CD Holland Is Made Of Tofu, released by Morbid Records in December 1999. After the recording of this CD Gijs found some capable session musicians and starting January 2000 Solarisis made frequent live appearances, sharing the stage with the likes of Anathema, Mayhem, Aeternus, Hypnos and Laberinto. In 2001 Solarisis got some more exposure in the United States with an appearance on the Dwell Records tribute albums Another Piece Of Metal - Tribute To Scorpions (with the song 'Animal Magnetism') and Overload 2 - Tribute To Metallica (with the particularly acclaimed death metal version of Nothing Else Matters). In October 2002 the band made an appearance at the famous Planet Music Club in Vienna, Austria, supporting Agathodaimon. The gig was a result of an online competition in which Solarisis proved to be the most popular band out of some 50 entries. In November 2003 the band made it to the finals of the Aardschok magazine Metal Bash competition (which had over 150 entries), playing in the huge Maaspoort venue in 's Hertogenbosch with the likes of Machine Head, Epica, Textures and Trouble. Now operating as a five piece band, the full-length album Of Plague Proportions was recorded at the Ground Zero studio in Zutphen, The Netherlands. Shortly after finishing the album in 2007, the band disbanded.

Last line-up:

  • Gijs van Ouwerkerk - vocals, bass, additional guitars
  • Robert Molenaar - drums
  • Bram Hengeveld - guitars
  • Bart de Zeeuw - guitars
  • Frank Klein Douwel - keyboards

Past members:

  • Marijn de Zeeuw - bass (Plork en de Aannemers, Pulmonary Abscess, Deifecation)
  • Edwin Kruize - guitars (Pulmonary Abscess)
  • Iwan Heskamp - guitars (Deifecation, Pulmonary Abscess, Death Squad)
  • Joop Kartouw - guitars (Bloedbef, Steal Sessions)