Solarisis Past Gigs

Friday February 1st, 2007 Metropool, Hengelo NL with Devious and Deluzion
Saturday November 12th, 2005 Goudvishal, Arnhem NL with Pentacle and Izegrim
Friday October 7th, 2005 Ojeesee, Hardenberg NL with The Lucifer Principle and Burning Hatred
Saturday September 3rd, 2005 Atak, Enschede NL with Caedere and Next Waste Dimension
Saturday June 11th, 2005 Baroeg, Rotterdam NL with Deifecation, It Lives, Steal Sessions and Extreem Eczeem
Friday May 13th, 2005 Friday the 13th, Zutphen, NL with Symmetry In Chaos, B-Low and Abominabilis
Friday February 11th, 2005 Hedon, Zwolle NL with Seraphique and As It Burns
Friday December 10th, 2004 Atak, Enschede NL with Altar-Native, Officium Triste and Massive Assault
Friday May 28th, 2004 Paul-Gerhardt-Haus, Münster DE with Guerrilla and Misery Speaks
Wednesday May 5th, 2004 Rockcafé Fred en Ed, Harderwijk NL no supports
Friday March 26th, 2004 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer NL with Next Waste Dimension
Saturday February 28th, 2004 Popfront, Zwolle NL with See My Solution
November 23rd, 2003 Maaspoort, 's Hertogenbosch NL Aardschok Metal Bash Final, with Machine Head, Trouble, Epica, Textures, Next Waste Dimension, a.o.
November 15th, 2003 Atak, Enschede NL Aardschok Metal Bash, with Monastery, Morgana-X and Next Waste Dimension
October 31st, 2003 OT-Heim, Steinfurt-Borghorst DE with Delirious and Misery Speaks
August 16th, 2003 Bürgerhaus, Herborn-Burg (Hessen) DE with Lay Down Rotten, Symbiontic and Mindcrime
June 8th, 2003 Metropool, Hengelo NL with Guerrilla, Mortuary IOD and Bitter Haervest
May 30th, 2003 Lucky, Rijssen NL with Non-Divine and Drownfall
January 18th, 2003 Kaputt, Dillenburg (Hessen) DE with Tharn and Reincarnated
December 6th, 2002 Talentschuppen, Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt DE with E-605 and Branded Skin
October 19th, 2002 Planet Music, Vienna AT with Agathodaimon, Sanguis and Asaru
October 13th, 2002 Rocksebarge, Haaksbergen NL with Endymaeria, Bitter Haervest a.o.
August 28th, 2002 Café Rock's, Enschede NL with Awake
July 21st, 2002 Baroeg, Rotterdam NL with Imperious Malevolence, Roadkill and Montany
July 5th, 2002 University campus, Enschede NL with Steel Death and Death By Dawn
June 8th, 2002 Flatrock, Enschede NL with Deifecation, Hills Of Eternity, Bitter Haervest a.o.
March 9th, 2002 Wapen van Overijssel, Zwolle NL with Deifecation
January 19th, 2002 Staddijk, Nijmegen NL with Profane
November 16th, 2001 Rocksebarge, Haaksbergen NL with BGR and Mixed-Up
October 5th, 2001 Metropool, Hengelo NL with Anathema
September 28nd, 2001 Popfront, Zwolle NL with To Elysium and See My Solution
July 21st, 2001 KC Charly's, Hengelo NL with Izegrim and Exposing Innards
June 27th, 2001 Café Rock's, Enschede NL no supports
September 29th, 2000 Popfront, Zwolle NL with Cimmerii
September 23rd, 2000 Atak, Enschede NL with Laberinto and Agresion
September 16th, 2000 East Club, Bischofswerda DE Morbide Festspiele 2000 with Mayhem, Aeternus, Hypnos, Obscenity, Ashes You Leave, Red Harvest, Griffin, The Now Noise and Miserya
April 1st, 2000 Atak, Enschede NL with Cromm Cruac and Seraphique
January 21st, 2000 Vestingbar, Enschede NL with Engorge, Deifecation and Izegrim