Solarisis Members

Name: Gijs van Ouwerkerk
Instruments: lead vocals, guitar and bass

Solarisis' songwriter and front man took a break from making music for a few years after the band split up. But of course he knew that this interruption was only temporary. He spent a lot of time developing his clean vocals and learning to produce songs using synthesizers. This resulted in the (non-metal!) project Heliophile. During the years 2010-2013, Gijs was also the bass player and backing vocalist for symphonic metal band Seven Waters.
During the dying hours of Solarisis, Gijs developed a strong passion for photography and has now made it his full-time profession. Although his musical taste has become somewhat broader, he is still a frequent visitor of dark and heavy concerts in the Enschede region.

Name: Robert Molenaar
Instrument: drums

Robert continued to play metal drums after the demise of Solarisis. After a brief endeavor with a death/thrash band called Carburized and a one-off live guest appearance with Escutcheon, Robert joined symphonic metal band Seven Waters.
In another somewhat metal-related project, Robert and a friend are involved in the design of some high end loudspeakers. These are very close to becoming commercially available.

Name: Frank Klein Douwel
Instruments: keyboards, live backing vocals

Now a sound engineer, Frank records and mixes bands both live and in his own Sonic Assault studio. Working with bands like Asphyx, Hail of Bullets and Born From Pain has brought him to various parts of the world and even sparked a cooperation with demigod Dan Swanö. Frank doesn't touch his keyboard much anymore, but allegedly he's quietly boosting his guitar playing skills to dazzling new heights!

Name: Bart de Zeeuw
Instrument: guitar

In his final year with Solarisis, Bart was asked to join the death metal band NOS (Not Otherwise Specified). Bart is still passionate about music and NOS in particular, but his family (1 wife and 2 kids) play the biggest role in his life.

Name: Bram Hengeveld
Instrument: guitar

no info available

Name: Joop Kartouw
Instrument: guitar

no info available