Solarisis News

This page keeps you up to date (well, sort of) with any buzz around the band or its former members.

January 9th, 2014

- Solarisis now has a Bandcamp account where you can stream (and download) the Of Plague Proportions album for free.

- Made some changes to the Members section to update the former band members' current projects.

- Removed the obsolete guestbook.

March 15th, 2010

Here's a message straight from Solarisis' former front man Gijs van Ouwerkerk:
"Finally the Solarisis website was moved to a new provider. I took the opportunity to update the site to make it a proper testament to what Solarisis was about. Most importantly, the download link to the Of Plague Proportions album is working again! Our sincere apologies go out to the fans from all over the world who have written us to complain about the broken link. I will make an effort to e-mail all of you personally to let you know that our latest album is now just a click away! Thanks for your undying patience and support!"